A 5-step guide to improving your overall character

These are five beneficial attributes you can implement in your daily life and career. 

Such qualities will impact how you communicate and point the way to more interpersonal effectiveness.

This is useful in business - you can implement these attributes to change your overall character and make yourself approachable, smart, and trustworthy. You need to show that you are worth the other person's time.

1. Be a person of remarkable honesty

two people shaking hands, conversing

Be true - and most importantly - be yourself. Regardless of peer pressure or other temptations, be willing to accept all of the consequences you take to be right and truthful.

Move forward with confidence and don't twist the truth.

2. Be reliable

person at desk working hard / writing something

Be someone people can count on. However, try not to be overconfident and take up every task that comes your way - people can use that to their advantage.

What you're aiming for is to be a person people can trust, not someone that they can dump all of their problems on. Being a person of your word goes a long shot in the end; build a reputation and keep it.

3. Be insightful

person talking to a large audience / person writing something down

While others focus on today or tomorrow, you will always be able to see things ten steps ahead of others by being perceptive.

Your insights and ideas will be persuasive if told the right way; you have the power to draw others towards you because of your knowledge others have yet to learn.

Words are greater than punches, and pens are mightier than swords - talk and write knowledgeably and capture attention with your wisdom.

4. Be self-aware

person included in a group / person feeling uncomfortable with others

Spend time with gossipers who spread rumors? Walk away. You may be what they have their sights set on next time they think of backstabbing someone.

Don't stick with people who you don't want to be like - surround yourself by savvy individuals who can urge you on in your career.

Beware of group thinking - it can lead to a toxic bandwagon that dismisses your every idea and can throw your hard earned reputation down the toilet.

5. Continuously learn - by asking others

two people having a heartfelt conversation

This is what imitates the best conversations - learning about what people do, how they do it, what they think about it, and the reason why they do it. People naturally can talk hours about themselves if you let them.

Many people bring the conversation back to themselves or walk away from conversing with them altogether. Smart people, however, let them talk.

Be interested in the person overall, not just what they have.

Learn from them - who knows; you might learn a new thing or two. And even if you don't, you still have the opportunity from seeing the world through someone else's eyes, which is especially useful in business.

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