a reader lives a thousand lives before they die...

Yet the man who doesn't read lives only one.


Immersing yourself in reading can not only do wonders for your thinking capacity and conversational skills, but can also make you smarter in many ways – being more empathetic, understanding more, and looking at different angles of a situation.
A book, in whatever form, is so incredibly portable. Much more so than, say, a surfboard, or a drum set, or craft beer-making equipment. And I don’t need a beach or a studio or a lab to do it.

Making up stories has been a thing humans have done since we started making enough sounds to put together a string of thoughts. You can create your own books or read them. I prefer doing both!

The best thing I like about reading? I don’t have to be a genius to read a book. I just have to know how to read (for obvious purposes) and manage to get my hands on a good book.
Even if the book is educational, it doesn’t matter that I may not know anything about the subject – I will eventually learn from the book, anyways. What I do need, however, is the will and passion for devouring that book to gain precious knowledge.

Plus – with all that reading anybody's bound to pick up a few witticisms here and there, or at least a decent enough way with words. I can even straight-up hijack a few full quotes and not get called out. Reading makes me a great conversationalist, and I can bond with anyone over a popular book.
widen your imagination
While nobody would ever call reading a new method for improving the mind, recent scientific studies have confirmed that reading and intelligence have a relationship so close as to be symbiotic, so widen your imagination!

I can read so many things and relive so many experiences through the eyes (or words, rather) of others. It’s honestly hard not to feel sorry for everybody else who never got the chance to give reading for fun a try. We readers get to explore them all through books and get glimpses of what it’s like to do anything.
how reading 
helps you:
➊ it increases your brain's power by giving 
it a workout, just like going for a jog exercises your
cardiovascular system
➋  it isn't just limited to 
➌ you will see noticeable changes 
in your vocabulary and writing skills