2021 New Year’s Resolution That Creates Lasting Change

The New Year is filled with promise. Most people would recognize the following phrases (fill in the blanks):

“This is the year I’m finally going to finish …………………”
“This is the year I’ll stop ………………..”
“This is the year I’m going to get into the best shape of my life.”
“This is the year I’m getting organized.”

We’re all guilty of making new year’s resolutions and… forgetting about them the week after. Why does this happen?

Let’s face it.

We’re only human.
We get distracted easily.
We forget.
We lose interest.

People vow to lose weight, get fit, start a business, and so forth.

The goals are awesome.

But what isn’t is the commitment of many of these people.

Many start off the year with goals, resolutions, and targets that they passionately believe (at the time) that they will reach. I love that! But as you know, most will forget all about them after 3 weeks.

How many gym memberships are abandoned after the first month of sign-up?

How many healthy diets? Vows to quit smoking? Internet marketing systems abandoned?

Now I’m not pointing fingers… Nor am I suggesting that you are one of these people…

Whatever your New Year Resolutions may be for 2020, here are few suggestions to help you achieve them:

I put it up on a vision board so that I could see what it was that I wanted by the end of the year.

I would also have a weekly checklist of things I’d have to do to get closer to making those resolutions a reality.

While having a yearly goal is important, setting weekly check-ins is equally as crucial.

It is the smaller goals that will slowly and eventually accumulate to make up the bigger picture.

Maybe the problem isn’t us or the goals but rather how we manage them.

The question is what can you do differently this week?

List it down and just do it.

Having a goal isn’t enough. We need a plan and a system.

Enter the SMART Objective.

SMART Objectives: The cure to inferior goals

The SMART goal is the be-all, end-all solution to vague goals that get you nowhere.

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-oriented. And with each element in SMART objectives, you’re going to want to ask yourself a set of questions that’ll help you develop a winning goal.

Specific. What will my goal achieve? What is the precise outcome I’m looking for?
Measurable. How will I know when I’ve accomplished the goal? What does success look like?

Attainable. Are there resources I need to achieve the goal? What are those resources? (e.g., gym membership, bank account, new clothes, etc.)
Relevant. Why am I doing this? Do I WANT to do this? Is it a priority in my life right now?

Time-oriented. What is the deadline? Will I know in a few weeks if I’m on the right track?

Let me show you the difference between SMART and BAD goals:

BAD goals

“Finish client project by Friday so I can relax on the weekend and Deliver it to the client on Monday.”

SMART Objective

Tonight: Finish rough draft
Wednesday: Edit the proposal and fact check on all updates
Thursday: Finish the proposal 1st draft and edit the excel tables
Friday: Finalize the draft add a chart to the data. Add Cover in Photoshop and Print PDF.
Monday: Email the proposal to the client @ 7:00 AM PST

These new goals work because they employ the SMART Objective.

You can see how being specific, being realistic, and using systems can help you achieve your goals.

If you want to improve your health or find a job that pays you 25% more, hope and willpower aren’t going to cut it. Just like they didn’t cut it last year. Or the year before.

You need a system. Let’s practice building that today.

Imagine 30 days from today, jumping out of bed early with tons of energy. You LOOK FORWARD to the day — no more feeling frazzled or guilty for not doing enough the previous day — because of the new “peak performance” tools you’re using now.

Maybe you want to start eating healthier or cook a meal once a week. Maybe you want to start a business, or even just read one book a month.

No problem. Start small. Pick one or two things to use these powerful techniques on, and watch what happens.

Let’s start fresh in 2020 by setting New Year Resolutions and creating a plan for achieving them. The Motivational Quotes page is a great place to start to get a quick dose of motivation to brighten up your day.

Have a great 2020!

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