to me, being happy means...

To be free from limitations, to spread my wings as far as I can reach, and to soar through the skies of success.


I like to start every day with a positive affirmation and convince myself that tomorrow will have a brighter outcome than today.
mental motivating
Nothing motivates me more than the feeling of happiness.

Being happy helps me take the actions to be the best me that I can be. I exhume positive energy, which will attract the same energy to me, bringing me more good things in my life.

Staying cheerful, satisfied, and positive is one of my life principles that I always strive to follow. There are a few reasons for this. Me doing what makes me happy is a great example to set for others.

If I choose to be miserable all the time because I settle for a life of doing what others want from me instead of what makes me happy, those around me will learn to follow these actions as well.

The choice is mine to make, and I'm proud of the attitude lessons I teach others around me every day. Plus, I if I don't make myself happy, then who will?
productive happiness
No one is going to offer me happiness on a silver platter. 

Nobody is going to remind me to be an optimist even in the toughest situations. If I hold my breath until somebody goes out of their way to make me happy, then I would probably suffocate.

Another reason I aim to be cheerful is that happiness breeds healthiness.

Wallowing in misery can manifest negativity inside anyone who allows themselves to be miserable, and creates all sorts of issues. Too much negativity is capable of killing a person. A healthy life is a better life.

The longer I procrastinate being happy, the longer I'll be unhappy.

Instead of telling someone to 'go out and seize the day before its gone' in my old age, I'd rather recount my own wondrous memories of seizing the day when I was young.
no regrets
Have you ever heard of a person having regret for choosing to do what makes them happy?

You would rarely ever hear such a thing, except in the direst of circumstances. I wouldn't regret doing something that makes me content. Sure, maybe it doesn't work out the way I pictured it, but I continually make this choice to do what makes me happy, leaving zero room for regret!

Being infected with sadness, anger, or envy isn't the best feeling in the world - go out and contaminate everybody you can with your positivity and happiness!
what happiness 
means to me:
➊ spending time with my family
➋ eating nostalgic food
➌ achieving one of my goals
➍ laughing with the people I love