in the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestoweed...

It must be achieved, as Franklin D. Roosevelt once uttered.


Entrepreneurs are essential to ssociety. When successful, they improve our standards of living, bring exciting new ideas to the market, and provide countless jobs.
a savior to society
Entrepreneurship is a unique blend of freedom, hustle, innovation, and creation.

For me, the true meaning of entrepreneurship is to create jobs, as well as to work with likely minded team members and imagining new ways to solve critical business and community problems.

The sky is the limit for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are vital to society. If successful, their innovations may improve our standard of living.
an acute mentality
In short, in addition to creating wealth from their entrepreneurial ventures, they also create jobs and the conditions for a prosperous society.

The two goals of an entrepreneur are taking the risk of developing new products or services and successfully bringing new products and services into the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs have to keep their minds open to various ideas, so they can always be willing to try something new for the good of the company.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a role you play in society – it’s also a way of thinking. Being an entrepreneur means that you have the freedom to work for yourself and not crumble under the pressure of a regular 9-to-5 office job or even other various jobs.
willing to risk it all
Being an entrepreneur is a give-and-take kind of role because you trade in risks for money. In business, you have to earn your money. Of course, in an ordinary job, you have to do that too, but you can only fulfill specific goals that your employer gives you.

In a business, you may feel as if you have no sense of direction whatsoever, but you can always continue learning no matter what. Persistence and grit were frequently cited as prerequisites for success, as was scrappiness. Flexibility, accountability, drive, and confidence as valuable traits.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur if you have the will to learn how.
a few skills that entrepreneurs
need to have:
➊ communication skills and positive body language
➋ empathy, authenticity, and endless creativity and imagination
➌ the ability to persaude someone and make split-second decisions
 ➍ a fierce willpower and the ability to turn problems into opportunities