robots make the world pretty fantastic, don't they?

They are more precise and consistent than human workers.


The benefits of robots have increased their flexibility with being capable of performing a variety of tasks and applications. Robots also allow for increased production and profit margin because they can complete tasks faster.
Today, people are immersed in technology, but most of that technology is intangible and difficult to conceptualize. Young students (such as myself) often have difficulty learning how to program iPhone games or design websites because those technologies are fundamentally abstract.

When I was younger, I was regularly frustrated at my inability to learn to program fast enough. It was like I was trapped in a never-ending race, pressed against time.

I soon discovered I could connect with robots faster since I could manipulate them directly. First I was afraid to break my robot, then fascinated by all the things it could do.
the benefits are worth it
Now I have learned to be neither afraid nor fascinated: I have learned to take control of the robot with confidence and a steely determination.

Robotics are in greater use today than ever, and it's a fun hobby for me. It always teaches me something new each and every single day. 

One of the first things that made learning fun, engaging, and inspiring for me at an early age was robotics.

The benefit of learning to program (in this case, to control robots) helped me develop both a creative and logical mindset, transferable to my everyday life.
why i practice robotics:
➊ it's a challenging and fun skill that requires 
brainpower and creativity
➋ it helps me understand 
the world around me better