rise by lifting others up

Philanthropy provides opportunities. 


My philanthropy consists of my values and passions. I always receive the most satisfaction when I'm helping others, whether it's for business or philanthropy.
born a philanthropist
For me, being a philanthropist is all about thought, care, deliberation and becoming involved. It's about bringing my all to help create a better world.

A philanthropist is a person who can donate their time, money, experience, skills, or talent to help others around them. 

I have always been a philanthropist - indirectly when I was younger - ever since I learned I could take immediate action to help the people I know, rather than sit and discuss future problems, making no headway in the present.
making a difference
In order for me to be  a better philanthropist, first, I had to understand the meaning of it. Anyone can practice philanthropy - and it doesn't always concern money.

I realized that I could happily help my community by volunteering at the local soup kitchen or tutoring someone I know; giving my time, skills, and effort in something to benefit the lives of others.

As a philanthropist, I'm driven by a sincere desire to solve social problems and bring smiles to people's faces. 

Philanthropists who are prepared to sacrifice the delusions of simplicity in giving back are the ones that will make all the difference in the world.
what philanthropy 
means to me:
➊ volunteering at the local animal shelter
➋ tutoring students 
➌ donating to the charities 
whose causes I believe in
➍ improving the world